A strong community through stable partnerships

It is important to create meaningful synergies in order to be successful in a business environment. This means that different specialist areas should work together and complement each other in order to be more effective.

By working together with various specialists, we have built up an effective network that can guarantee the success of projects. This network offers you the opportunity to access the necessary skills and expertise to successfully complete your digitization project.

The Coderiders, led by Kinan Aljannan, is an innovative company made up of a dynamic mix of talented and experienced software developers and innovative visionaries. Each member of this team brings valuable skills and experience from different areas of the software industry and work together to develop innovative, customized software solutions for our clients.

With the perfect mix of experience and skills in software development, we are able to master complex projects and develop unique software products.Even when faced with difficult challenges, we look for creative and innovative solutions to deliver the best results for our customers.

Acumen GmbH is a renowned company led by Dr. Ahmad Stifi and comprises an unparalleled international connection of world-class consultants covering all aspects of business consulting from strategic planning to project management and digital transformation.Acumen GmbH has a broad network of experts and is therefore invaluable in the execution of major international projects.

Our unique approach to business consulting is based on extensive experience and professional skills, enabling us to successfully manage large companies on an international scale.As a goal-oriented company, we are not discouraged by difficult challenges, but do everything in our power to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Acumen GmbH prides itself on providing its clients with high quality services and unparalleled consulting experience.

VITAVO is a highly reliable company specializing in innovative solutions in the fields of digitalization and marketing. Thanks to their in-depth expertise and extensive experience, they are able to offer robust strategic planning services that help companies achieve their goals and objectives.This approach includes measuring the results achieved, which is an essential part of their services. One of the things that sets VITAVO apart is the team’s commitment to helping their clients implement and execute specific plans that are tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

Essentially, VITAVO offers a comprehensive service aimed at making businesses successful in the digital space. From strategic planning to implementation, they provide all the necessary resources and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Robert Kölbl, the head of Systemhaus Kölbl, offers services in the field of IT transformation. These include the high availability of configurable fault-tolerant servers and storage systems for medium-sized companies, data warehouse systems and cross-location telephone system networking. In addition, Robert Kölbl is the specialist when it comes to requirements and system analyses and IT concepts.

In times of digital Industry 4.0, it is a strategic decision to professionalize the IT landscape and thus achieve efficient and cost-optimized operational IT management.
We offer a specialized and at the same time broad range of services relating to hardware, systems and telecommunications.