Udo Terschanski: Visionary founder and managing director of All for Accounting GmbH

With an impressive career in the field of ERP systems and a clear vision for the digital future, Udo Terschanski founded All for Accounting GmbH in 2008. His profound knowledge in the design of business processes and his many years of experience in the project planning of ERP systems make him a decisive factor for successful digitization projects.

The path to independence: pioneering work in the ERP sector

Udo Terschanski started his career in the field of ERP systems and over the years acquired a profound understanding of the challenges and potential of these technologies, having already provided consulting support for implementations with SAP and Microsoft AX, he ventured into self-employment in 2000 and successfully established himself as a consultant for ERP projects. During this time, he was not only able to demonstrate his consulting expertise, but also began to shape his own vision of efficient business solutions.

mercaware: The innovation in the ERP sector

The pioneering development of the ERP solution “mercaware” marked a milestone in Udo Terschanski’s career. This software, which he designed and developed himself, set new standards in the world of business process optimization. This success paved the way for the founding of All for Accounting GmbH in 2008, which is now regarded as a pioneer for innovative solutions in the field of digitized business processes.

An expert in business process optimization:

Udo Terschanski is not only an outstanding ERP project developer, but also a specialist in the field of business process optimization. His ability to understand complex business requirements and transform them into effective, customized solutions has made him a sought-after expert in the industry.

Further engagements: Coderiders GmbH & Co. KG

In addition to his role at All for Accounting GmbH, Udo Terschanski is also a major shareholder in Coderiders GmbH & Co. KG. This company is characterized by the development of high-tech, individual software solutions and contributes to constant innovation in the field of business software.

With Udo Terschanski at the helm, All for Accounting GmbH stands for innovation, expertise and a clear vision of efficient, digitalized business processes. His pursuit of excellence and his passion for pioneering solutions characterize not only the company, but the entire industry.